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We are grateful that many people are reacting positively to the sound of Cannabis legalization on Bonaire.

The CVB is shaping the future of the cannabis industry and our strength is in the numbers.


The group will lobby the government for a well regulated, legal cannabis industry on Bonaire for both medical and recreational purposes. CVB will apply for cannabis related permits for members. Together, we establish national standards and best practices to ensure consumer safety and business responsibility.


Founding Members

Ralph Nolen:
Entrepreneur, coffeeshop owner, 4-20 activist, pioneer.
Naomi de Gruijl
Managing Director
Desiree Croes:
Ex-police officer, mother, active environmentalist.
Gregorio (Bano) Pourier:
Penshonado, meteorlogist, masseur, farmer from Rincon.

Honorary Member/

Jindrich Bayer:
One of Europe’s most important (yet least visible) cannabis activists, specializes in drug policy issues. He has written a free e-book, titled Cure for Cancer: The Rick Simpson Protocol available on our website.


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