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Aging With Cannabis

Aging With Cannabis

Most men and women, by the time they reach fifty and often before that, rely on a couple of handfuls of various pharmaceutical medications to make it through each and every day. Society has accepted that as the body grows older, its capacity for physical functions must wither, and consequently begin to require the help of drugs in order to continue running. This ideology is simply false, and to prove it I present a testimony which comes from a man who is an exception, crediting his excellent health on his daily intake of cannabinoids.

The man I speak of is my own father. He is currently seventy-two, and is in what I would undoubtedly call the best physical shape of any human his age. Seven years ago, my father slipped on an icy sidewalk and broke his leg. Upon arrival at the emergency clinic, he was given an X-ray that, according to the doctor present, revealed he would be needing surgery for the insertion of a metal pin that was to be placed next to his fractured bone, due to the fact it could not possibly return back to its original structure. He would also require the assistance of a walking pole for what the doctor predicted would be his impaired mobility. His leg was plastered into a cast, and alas he was sent away to allow for a healing period of six weeks until he was due to return in order to determine a schedule for the operation.

Six weeks had passed and my father returned to the clinic to have his cast cut off. More X-rays were taken to determine any progress. What was presented by the X-rays left the practitioner completely stunned: my father’s bones had healed completely, and entirely on their own. Two other doctors were called into the room to take a look, both in utmost disbelief. People my father’s age simply did not recover in such a remarkable form. He was sent home with no obligation to return. 

The factor that sets my father apart from other people, both young and old, is that he utilizes the nutritious and health-beneficial components of cannabis, satisfying his body’s demand for cannabinoids. Whether he does it by smoking bud, brewing hemp tea, consuming hemp seeds or allowing his skin to absorb hemp oil, he takes advantage of the plant’s ability to nourish the body, which is how he maintains his optimal health. Additionally, utilizing the THC component in cannabis is very advantageous during meditation. My father practices a type that some like to call mind-clearing, which he confirms increases his receptivity towards healing. Every ailment he’s endured throughout his seniority has thus far been short-lived, thanks to his combination of meditation and use of cannabis.

As one may have noticed, there is a plethora of ways one can utilize cannabis. One does not have to smoke it in order to reap its benefits. Every one of us possesses an abundance of cannabinoid receptors, located in many organs within the body as well as in our white blood cells, as part of an entire endocannabinoid system. The receptors produce cannabinoids themselves, while also existing to collect cannabinoids that enter our bodies from outer sources. They are found in all corners of the body because they are essential to our health, and because cannabinoids can be absorbed by various methods, such as through skin, lungs, or the gut.

Cannabinoids are a necessary and yet forgotten part of the human and animal diet. People used to get the nutrient not only from the plant itself, but also from beef, pork and eggs, as hemp was a key component in farm animal feed. Even wild game could have been a reliable source, as hemp once grew abundantly over forests. All forms of feral and cultivated hemp became strictly prohibited by governments worldwide beginning in 1937, and society has been suffering the consequences ever since.

My father demonstrates how essential cannabinoids are to the health. While the majority of the population suffers from deficiency, his lifelong consumption of herb has proven to be no less than advantageous. Not only is he drug-free and self-sufficient in healing, he has the stamina and physical capacity to participate in activities that most people twenty years younger than him can no longer do so much as dream of performing, such as competing in badminton tourneys. He is a living example of the phenomenal health-enriching properties of cannabis, that no generation gap in existence bears the potential to influence. The plant does not prefer old bodies nor does it lean towards young ones. It simply nourishes wherever nourishment is needed.

Author Stanislav KrTil

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